Delivery and operational support


Spare parts and maintenance plan

bild27As the vessel is nearing completion, we develop a maintenance plan and identify all critical spare parts in co-operation with the crew.

At least on larger yachts, we normally use a computer based integrated management software for this purpose.

A2B have extensive experience in the implementation and operation of various systems, but we recommend the industry standard software (SpecTec – IDEA).

We make sure that the crew is properly familiarized with the chosen system and all important functions. These usually include:

  • a complete maintenance management system pre-programmed with all recommended planned maintenance activities for the Vessel
  • a software for inventory keeping, stock control and procurement
  • a software for safety management and risk assessment
  • a crew database system
  • a bookkeeping function
  • a logbook function for engineering data

Commissioning and delivery

bild28When the yacht is completed, we supervise the commissioning of all important equipment and the dock- and seatrials.

For the official handover we verify the delivery of loose equipment and the agreed documentation including manuals, drawings, diagrams and certificates. We record any outstanding works and defects and prepare the handover protocols with the shipyard.

Warranty work

bidl29During the first sailing season, we provide technical support for the crew and help with the timely supply of critical spare parts to the yacht.

After that, we attend the vessel during the first service period and dry docking and make sure any remaning deficiency is properly resolved and the yacht is ready for many years of service for her owner.