Garth Brewer

Growing up on the South African coast, Garth was introduced to boats and boat-building at a very early age through his father who built a selection of fishing craft.

He started sailing at 16 with the purchase of a Hobie catamaran and found his way onto various small keelboats in the local sailing scene.

In 1988 a part-time job with a custom boatbuilding company in Cape Town, led to full-time employment and an opportunity, in 1990, to sail to Brazil and beyond. This voyage and the subsequent sailing introduced Garth to long-distance passage making and, fortuitously, the Superyacht industry. He obtained his first skippers position in 1994.

After completing a circum-navigation in 2001, an opportunity to join the B147/01 project at Baltic Yachts, later to become ‘Visione’, presented itself. The challenges of this project and very high expectations of the owner have prepared Garth for similar challenges and the performance nature of ‘Visione’ has made a strong impact on his sailing experience and philosophy, thanks in large part to the contributions of professional racing yachtsmen and the demand for performance by owner. Most recently he has been responsible for the commissioning trials on the B112/01-Nilaya and B197/01- Panamax on behalf of Baltic Yachts and their owners. A long term commitment to Visione and her owner, supplemented with deliveries and project commissioning, helps to maintain close contact with current trends and sailing skills.