New construction and refit management

Noise and vibration analysis

bild8Reducing disturbing sounds and vibrations has become one of the overriding priorities for many experienced yacht owners.

A2B therefore co-operates with some of the leading specialists for pre-construction noise and vibration analysis and represents the owner’s best interest in finding the ideal compromise between low sound transmission and low weight.

Hull construction

bild9The structural engineering for hull and superstructure, (especially considering the complex load cases for sailing yachts) and the resulting consequences for interior and deck design, are not always easy to comprehend.

We come in to illustrate design processes for the owner and manage the resolution of potential conflicting interests between design teams and shipyard.

Equipment selection

bild10The market for yacht equipment has significantly grown over the last 20 years and so has the number of the rules and regulations that manufacturers, shipyards and operators must adhere to.

A2B carries out a comparative analysis for all important equipment considering:

  • performance
  • quality
  • reliability
  • space requirements
  • power / fuel / water consumption
  • regulatory compliance and
  • availability of spare parts and service

This way all parties have an open and unbiased information base for their decisions and can select the most suitable equipment for installation.

Lighting arrangements

bild13A2B will advise the owner and the designers regarding the choice of marine light fittings and fibre-optic systems.

Before installation commences, we will check the proposed lighting arrangement for compliance with the agreed standards and safety requirements.


bild14As soon as the shipyard starts the engineering work, we review the drawings and proposals for construction details (such as hatches, doors, ventilation arrangements, tender wells, cranes or window arrangements).

We coordinate all communication between shipyard, naval architect and interior designer. As every party has slightly different interests, we will be present during all important meetings to make sure that the owner’s are properly represented.

Arrangement plans

bild15Before any equipment gets installed on the vessel, we review the proposed vessel arrangement plans for engine and machinery spaces to ensure proper

  • functionality
  • serviceability and
  • removability

of the important equipment.

System schematics

bild16Diesel, lubrication oil, fresh water, waste water … our surveyor checks the schematics for all important systems regarding the practicality of proposed installations and accessibility of elements.

During the installation, we also make sure that piping and wiring systems will not compromise access to service or storage areas, an aspect often overlooked even by experienced shipyards.

Onboard electronics

bild17The field of onboard electronics is vast and includes among others

  • the monitoring and control system for machinery,
  • the audio and video entertainment system,
  • the navigation and communication electronics,
  • the video surveillance and security system and
  • the control systems for interior and exterior lights.

Our consultants have extensive experience in this area and will, in co-operation with the crew, provide the owner with qualified guidance through the multitude of options.

Electrical diagrams

bild18We review all principal electrical diagrams to make sure that the proposed installations are practical and manageable by the crew.

Our review includes the calculations of electrical power requirements so we can provide qualified advice on the selection of suitable electrical generators and shore power converters.

Regulatory compliance

bild19We support the shipyard and designer regarding the compliance with the applicable rules and regulations, which includes:

  • Classification society rules such as those of Lloyds Register, American Bureau of Shipping or Germanischer Lloyd.
  • The flag state’s regulations including special codes pertaining to the construction of yachts such as the MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY2)
  • COLREGS – International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
  • ILLC – International Convention on Load Lines
  • MARPOL – International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
  • SOLAS – International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea
  • STCW – International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers
  • Tonnage – International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships
  • International Labour Conference – Maritime Labour Convention

Construction supervision

bild20During the construction, depending on the size and complexity of the project one of our surveyors is usually permanently based at the shipyard.

He surveys the vessel on a regular basis in order to make sure, that the best practice guidelines for the construction of luxury yachts, the ship building contract and the technical specification are being adhered to.

Paint acceptance

bild21The A2B on-site surveyor monitors the professional application of all coatings and checks ambient conditions, before and during paint application. This is often done in co-operation with an external specialist for critical applications.

After the paint has been applied we will verify, whether the finish complies with the agreed standards (usually the ICOMIA standard or the HISWA VOT code) and oversee the rectification of potential defects.

Documentation and reporting

bild22We will keep a comprehensive photographic record of the construction progress and provide regular reports for the owner.

Therefore, even if an owner’s agenda has very few blanks for private travel, he can still choose a shipyard in a remote location, if that turned out to be the best option, and be confident to always stay on top of the building process.

Web based collaboration system

bild23A2B provides every client with a secure Internet based platform that simplifies the collaboration between all parties involved in the project including also crew and key sub- contractors by providing a single, central, reliable source of all information

This greatly reduces errors and delays due to miscommunications in the planning and construction phase of the yacht.

Financial controlling

bild24Financial controlling is not normally a simple task in large new build projects especially, if changes are being made to the scope of supply after a building contract has been signed.

A2B will examine all invoices for compliance with the ship building contract and its addendums and provide independent confirmation, whether agreed milestones have been reached.

Apart from that we will review proposed change orders technically and commercially and advise the owner with regards to acceptance of proposed modifications.