Project Planning

Evaluation of requirements

bild1A2B is your personal consultant during all critical phases of a new yacht’s development from the initial sketches to the handover of the vessel and throughout the execution of the warranty works.

Our involvement, therefore, usually begins during the concept stage and helps to minimise the possibility of overlooking critical aspects before building begins.

Design drawings

bild2We advise the owner regarding the architect’s initial design drawings and calculations and provide information on all important legal, administrative, crewing and cost implications linked to the design parameters.

Construction of mock-ups

bild31:1 models of deck and interior spaces play a vital role in the construction of custom yachts to avoid unpleasant late stage surprises.

A2B coordinates the building of these mock-ups and review the modifications to drawings for compliance with agreed designs and measurements.

Performance predictions

bild4We provide the owner with expert advice regarding the performance predictions under power and sail, in order to find the optimum solution for propulsion system and rig design.

This part of our work includes in-depth research of different propulsion and thruster options to find the best balance between space requirements, price, speed and range of the yacht.


One of our most important tasks is the preparation of a detailed building specification in order to avoid any “grey areas” in the building contract and eliminate costly surprises during the construction.

This part of our activity goes far beyond the yacht’s machinery and general outfitting and includes also detailed specifications for the electrical system, interior outfitting, navigation and communication electronics, audio and video systems, air-conditioning systems etc.

Therefore the specification document is created in several iterations, following discussions involving the shipyards, suppliers, subcontractors, the crew and, of course, the owner at each step.

Because the modification of one component usually has a knock-on effect on other systems and design elements, the process of developing the specification is a time consuming but important activity.

Selection of shipyard

bild6We prepare a comprehensive bid package in co-operation with the naval architect and interior designer and visit all pre-selected yards for onsite inspections.

The offers returned by the tendering shipyards are usually difficult to compare, since they normally vary regarding the choice of products, suppliers and subcontractors (and therefore quality) and often also in proposed technical solutions is concerned.

We therefore analyze all proposals with due diligence, once received, and prepare a clear and objective comparison. Apart from the technical aspects, this also includes essential background information on the organizational, logistical, financial and ownership situation of the respective shipyards, so our clients can make an informed decision on where to build their new yacht!

Ship Building Contract

bild7We consult with the owner and his lawyer regarding the technical and administrative aspects of the ship building contract and provide necessary information on industry standards.